Keanu Reeves is interested in making 'Bill & Ted 3'.

The 50-year-old actor - who starred as Theodore 'Ted' Logan in the iconic comedy films - has been linked with a return to the franchise and while Keanu insists he's not currently preparing to reprise the role, he's interested by the prospect.

Asked if he's been busy re-familiarising himself with Ted's unusual use of language, he told Digital Spy: ''I haven't. I wonder what other words they're going to use if we get to do another Bill and Ted film.

''There has to be excellent and bodacious and heinous ... yeah, I don't know what else there would be.''

Keanu's remarks come shortly after Alex Winter - who played Bill S. Preston Esq. in the original movies - said a third movie is close to becoming a reality.

According to Alex, his on-screen co-star is determined to get the film made and has been busily preparing.

Alex said: ''He started watching the earliest cuts of this movie a year ago, and was just super into it.

''It's really funny, because I asked him and I could tell he was waiting for me to ask. Because he was like, 'Yeah. Duh.'''