Keane frontman Tom Chaplin has taken aim at the current crop of pop stars, insisting the charts are in "a sorry state".
The rocker claims "real music" is struggling to infiltrate playlists and he's eyeing a shake-up in the tunes dominating the airwaves.
He tells Britain's Daily Star, "The charts are in a sorry state. It's all just noise to me. I put on MTV occasionally and it's just a racket. It bores me.
"Fake pop has taken over, terrible Europop and s**t R&B that makes me think: 'What's going on? Didn't this rubbish sound tired in the Nineties, let alone now?'
"There's loads of great stuff out there now which hasn't a hope of making the Top 40. There's an exciting world underneath the charts but the Top 40 is so disappointing these days."