Swansea's Fflam music festival has been cancelled after scheduling problems prevented a rearranged date for the event being implemented.

Fflam had previously been planned for July 13th to July 15th, but "consistently bad weather conditions" meant the event was postponed.

Although the festival organisers then attempted to reschedule the festival for the end of the summer, problems with booking the bands lined up to play meant this year's event had to be abandoned all together.

A statement from the organisers said: "It is with great regret that we confirm the cancellation of the Fflam festival.

"After the initial postponement due to torrential weather conditions, we have made every possible effort to try and secure a new date for the festival this summer.

"Unfortunately, we cannot find a date that suits all parties and due to artist availability, we are not in a position to deliver the line up of bands we always intended.

"At this stage, we are left with no option but to cancel the festival for 2007 and put all our efforts into making it a huge success in 2008."

People who bought tickets for the event can now get a full refund from the point at which they purchased their ticket.

The original line up included Keane, the Cribs, Manic Street Preachers, Placebo, Feeder, Dirty Pretty Things and Supergrass.

03/08/2007 11:38:23