British bands Keane and The Futureheads didn't let touring in the US stop them from enjoying the World Cup - they invited their fans to watch the soccer game with them. England played Sweden in a heated World Cup match on Tuesday (20JUN06) and the bands still managed to support their home team, even while they were overseas. Keane, who have just released their latest album UNDER THE IRON SEA, performed a half-time in-store show at Hollywood's Virgin Megastore where all "fans of England" were invited to come watch the game. Clips from the band's performance were broadcast on sports channel ESPN. Meanwhile,The Futureheads, who are also touring the US to promote their new album NEWS + TRIBUTES, rented out Melrose Avenue soccer club Joga Bonita so their friends and fans could watch the game with them on a widescreen TV - all while enjoying complimentary cold beer and fish and chips.