Kaya Scodelario ''lost it'' when she shot her first scene with Johnny Depp.

The former 'Skins' actress was a big fan of the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movie series when she was younger so was delighted to be cast in upcoming fifth installment 'Salazar's Revenge' as astronomer Carina Smyth, but she admits she was overwhelmed when the lead actor first appeared on set in his iconic Captain Jack Sparrow costume.

She said:''You can try and mentally prepare yourself for it. But when he actually steps on set in that costume, you just lose it. You turn into a child.''

And Brenton Thwaites, who plays Henry Turner, was equally in awe of his co-star.

He said: ''It was mesmerising. To the point where I found it difficult to focus.

''One part of my brain was thinking, 'He is the only man who can lead me to my father.' And the other was thinking, 'Holy s**t, I'm in a scene with Jack Sparrow.' ''

The movie sees the return of Orlando Bloom, who reprises his role of Will Turner after last being seen in the third movie, 'At World's End', and the British actor warned he is looking ''a bit crusty'' when fans catch their first glimpse of him.

He said: ''Obviously, when you left me in the third movie I'd been banished to Davy Jones' Locker to return every 10 years. So when you find me, I'm a bit crusty.

''I'm basically the catalyst for getting the whole story started.''

Orlando believes the second and third movies in the series are not as popular as the original film because they had too much money to spend.

He told Empire magazine: ''I think if you ask anybody, they will say the first movie is their favourite. There are some amazing set-pieces in both 2 and 3.

''But with 2 and 3, there was a lot more money being thrown around. And sometimes a lot of money can almost inhibit in some ways. When people are on a tighter leash, you are forced to think more creatively.''