Katy Perry loves dictionaries.

The 'I Kissed A Girl' singer is obsessed with discovering different words, and recently splashed out on a jewel-encrusted lexicon to quench her thirst for knowledge.

She wrote on Twitter: "went to pick up a new electronic pocket dictionary (big fan of words and their meaning) I asked to get it bedazzled... am I CRAZY? Yes (sic)."

The 24-year-old star has also hinted she is working on new music.

Although she would not give details of any upcoming tracks, she revealed she decided not to go and see Britney Spears in concert to give her more time to write.

She said: "Had 2 give up my Brit Spears tix 4 tonight, heart breaking! Have to focus on something more important... secret (sittin@ home watchin spun!) (sic)."

It is not the first time Katy has spoken about writing new material.

She recently said she has been inspired by Scandinavian pop, and was keen to make fun music people would dance too.

Katy said: "I'm kind of thinking I want to do my record like a mesh between 'Lovefool' by The Cardigans and 'The Sign' by Ace of Base. I want to make songs that people want to hold hands and roller-skate to."