Katy Perry has revealed she is soccer widow - because fiance Russell Brand is so obsessed with the World Cup.

The couple got to spend a rare day off together yesterday (23.06.10) but huge soccer fan Russell was reluctant to go out because he wanted to watch England's crucial match against Slovenia which they needed to win to progress in the tournament in South Africa.

She said in an interview with UK station BBC Radio 1: "It's funny because he's always there for me and we're always there for each other, but yesterday we had a day off - he had a day off as well because he's been busy promoting his movie ('Get Him to the Greek') - and The Game was on yesterday and everybody in England, everywhere, was quiet, no one is on the street. We were watching the game and I was like messing with him saying, 'Darling I really want to go outside.' And he was so caught, he was like, 'But the game, the game...' But I knew I wasn't gonna pull him away from that game. So I just took a nap."

Katy says Russell is so engrossed in the tournament he stays up late most nights on the internet reading about the latest developments with the teams.

She added: "Everything is about football right now. It's like, when I was with him last night he was up late watching football. And he was online reading all about it and it's like, 'How much can you read?' "