Pop sensation Katy Perry has dismissed criticism from gay rights campaigners objecting to the lyrics of her song UR SO GAY, insisting it is just a playful take on the word.
The I Kissed A Girl hitmaker has come under fire from members of the gay community for the track, which features on her debut album One of the Boys.
On the song, she sings, "You're so gay and you don't even like boys..."
Perry's tune has infuriated outspoken activist Peter Tatchell, who claimed her lyrics "can be read as implicitly demeaning gay people. I am sure Katy would get a critical reception if she expressed comparable sentiments in a song called 'UR so black, Jewish or disabled'."
But the pop star is unfazed by the comments.
She says, "The fact of the matter is that we live in a very metrosexual world. You know, a girl might walk into a bar, meet a boy, and discover he's more manicured than she is. And they can't figure it out. Is he wearing foundation and a bit of bronzer? But he's buying me drinks at the same time!
"I'm not saying you're so gay, you're so lame. I'm saying, you're so gay, but I don't understand it because you don't like boys!"