Katy Perry 's 3-D 'Part of Me' movie received its European premiere in London last night and reviews of the pop singer's latest celluloid venture suggests that fans had better enter the cinema for the spectacle and not the story. Anyone looking for an up-close-and-personal expose of her, post marital breakdown may find themselves disappointed. And 'disappointed' sums up Karina Longsworth's Village Voice review of the movie: "You never get the sense that the camera was ever allowed to see anything that Perry didn't want it to see" and Perry's apparent editorial control seems to permeate many of the reviews that have been published so far.
It's not all bad for Perry though. Many of those taking notes on the movie seemed to be content with the spectacle of Perry's audacious live performances. Time Out's Danielle Goldstein commented "You may go for the story, but the performances and quirks leave you with an experience." That said, in the Huffington Post's discussion of the film, Crystal Bell confesses that her favourite moments of 'Part of Me' are the personal ones; "Some of the most heartfelt moments in "Katy Perry: Part of Me" occur when the glossy popstar says nothing at all and for a second, breaks out of character. Katy wears her facial expressions as well as she sports her fantastical costumes," Bell explains.
The movie makers did go some way towards delving into Katie's personal life and the film includes footage of her family talking about her, but as New York Daily News points out "Naturally, we have no way of knowing whether Perry is really as down to earth as the movie suggests, despite all the relatives and employees who attest to her awesomeness." So, if it's top-notch 3D concert footage that you're after, 'Part of Me' looks set to impress. Anyone looking to scratch too deep below the surface of Perry's life may well struggle to find satisfaction here.