Katy Perry's favourite ever present was a leopard-print coat.

The 'Firework' singer - who is well known for her love of outrageous clothes - confesses a coat she was given while still at school is the best gift she ever received because her friends' mothers were jealous of it.

She told website JustJared: "I was living in Santa Barbara and my mom bought a leopard coat for me because I love vintage and antique store shopping. She got it for me as a surprise and you know how everybody wears clothes back after Christmas?

"I got made fun of super bad because it's really warm in California, especially in wintertime. I didn't need a fake leopard coat! But I knew I was doing something good, or something right, because all the hot moms would pull up to pick up their kids, and be like, 'Um, where did you get your coat?' "

The 26-year-old beauty would also like to design some festive clothes, including an ugly Christmas sweater with a picture of a cat.

She said: "It would be like really royal red, royal green, maybe some like mustard yellow. And it would be like a cat with a Santa hat on it plus it drinking beer. And then yarn all around in bad colours. Actually the yarn would be like 3-D coming out."