Katy Perry thought she was ''the chosen one'' when she was 17.

The 'Firework' hitmaker got her first taste of fame when she moved to Los Angeles as a teenager and started working with producer Glen Ballard and she admits she thought she was on the way to superstardom.

She said: ''At the beginning I was working with Glen and everything was cool. I had black Jetta, my first car, and I thought I was the s**t. I remember my cousin said, 'You should be grateful for this because it could all go flying out the window at any moment.' And I was like, 'Not for me. I'm the chosen one.' Then the rug got pulled from underneath me.''

Katy's album with Glen never got released and two record deals she had fell through before she released her breakthrough hit 'I Kissed a Girl' in 2008 and was finally on the path to stardom.

However,the lessons she learned in the period where she wasn't a star have stayed with her.

She explained to Britain's OK! magazine: ''I had no money, no car, I couldn't pay the rent. I had this really skewed perspective of what it meant to make it. I needed that to appreciate what I have now. I just keep that in mind when things go bad. There's always a way for things to get better.''