Katy Perry wants to find a man who will love her ''in the right way''.

The 28-year-old singer has a failed marriage to Russell Brand behind her and recently split from on/off lover John Mayer and although she is content to be single at the moment she does want to find a guy to spend her life with.

She said: ''I'm not in a relationship, I'm just on my own - I am myself in my own bed. I have to be happy being alone, and I am happy. I believe that I will be loved again, in the right way. I know I'm worth it.''

Katy - who has been getting increasingly close to Robert Pattinson since he split from Kristen Stewart - doesn't want to end up an ''emotional widow'' and thinks she will find love in the future.

However, the 'Part of Me' hitmaker just wants to learn how to cope on her own for now.

In an interview with US Vogue magazine, she added: ''I hope I don't have to live as a widow, an emotional widow ... No, I don't believe that. But I think that I can just right now focus on me and focus on strengthening myself and my emotional support system.''

Speaking to the publication Katy admitted she is still ''madly in love'' with John but insisted they are definitely over.