Katy Perry has reportedly turned down a whopping $20 million to star as the new judge on the next series of American Idol, as the show's producers struggle to find replacements for the recently departed Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.
According to TMZ, the 'Wide Awake' singer has been pursued by the show's producers for some time, but has told them that money isn't at the root of the problem either, as she is simply unsure as to whether American Idol would be the right move for her. As well as this, the fact that Katy has such a hectic schedule ahead of her made it the more impossible for her to do the show.
So far, Mariah Carey is the only new judge to have been confirmed for the next series, with the R&B diva due to sit beside her long-time collaborator Randy Jackson once again. Carey is said to have already agreed to an $18 million deal to sit in the judges seat, but if her diva-ish past is anything to go by then it is more than likely that she will soon be demanding more money.
Whilst it is believed that Perry is the only would-be judge to have been approached by the show's producers, potential candidates including Keith Urban, ENRIQUE INGELIAS and Brad Paisley have also been mentioned as potential co-judges.
Nicki Minaj has also had her name flung into the pack too, something that, according to TMZ, is not what Carey wants at all. Mariah is apparently so peeved at the prospect of having to share a judging panel with Minaj that she apparently hung up the phone when the shows producers told her of their intent to sign the 'Beez in the Trap' singer up.