Katy Perry is going to play an intimate show in celebration of Roman Kemp's new radio show.

The 24-year-old radio presenter was overcome with excitement on Tuesday (02.05.17) when he launched 'Capital London Breakfast Show with Roman Kemp' on the airwaves but, as if that wasn't enough to make it a day to remember, he couldn't believe his luck when his pop star pal unexpectedly called into the studio to congratulate him on his new gig and suggest they celebrate by throwing a party at The Water Rats in Kings Cross, London, within the next few months.

Speaking on the phone, Katy - who was at the Met Gala in New York on Monday (01.05.17) night - said: ''You know I'm going to be coming to the UK, actually quite a lot coming up and I think if I know anything, I know English gentlemen. When they celebrate, I think mostly they celebrate either with a Sunday roast with Yorkshire pudding and also, like, just going to the pub right? ... Let's go to the pub, let's knock some down, and I'm going to suggest we go to Water Rats ...

''I'm going to go to The Water Rats, and I'm going to play a show and you're coming and I think some people that are listening are going to be coming if they want to come. And we're going to drink some beers and we're going to sing some songs! We're going to remember where we came from because you have a new radio show, I have a new record, we've come so far, we're still a bunch of dweebs but it doesn't matter! Always remember where you came from, right?''

Roman replied: Amazing! So this is the weirdest thing ever, Katy's just said that she's going to throw us a gig at The Water Rats and we're going to invite some listeners down as well.''

However, he then tried to push his luck by asking if he can collaborate with the pop superstar.

He asked: ''One thing, can I duet with you at some point? I know, it's just ...''

To which Katy quickly responded: ''You know there's a line and you seem to be crossing it.''

Roman has presented on Capital for three years - most recently on the 'Capital Evening Show' - and has admitted his famous parents Martin Kemp and Shirlie Holliman have been on at him to get as much sleep as possible every evening so he can do a good job on the airwaves.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, he said: ''It is tough going from working on the late show to the early show. I've never had my parents on me so much asking what time you go to sleep since I was at school. I've got a nice opportunity to do as much as I can. I have to make sure I get the right of sleep and not to take it out of me too much but I will doing other things when the show ends each morning.''