Katy Perry is taking her wedding plans ''one step at a time''.

The 'Dark Horse' hitmaker - who was previously married to Russell Brand - got engaged to Orlando Bloom in February but the couple aren't rushing into tying the knot because a lasting relationship is such a ''big deal'' to them.

She said: ''One step at a time. Definitely trying to lay the good emotional foundation for the lifetime of commitment, which is like a big deal.''

Despite her wealth, the 34-year-old singer insisted she isn't ''very ostentatious'' and doesn't think celebrity tours driving by her California home are particularly impressed - even if they catch a glimpse of her.

Speaking to KISS Breakfast Show hosts Tom & Daisy, she said: ''I'm not a very ostentatious type of person. It's not crazy. It's not like lifestyles of the rich and famous, although I'm very grateful for everything I worked hard for.

''I used to have them (tour buses) all the time and I would definitely come out and I'd be in my active wear.

''I didn't go to the gym I would just be in active wear while running errands, I never really go to the gym. Every time I'd pull up next to them I'd give them a little 'beep beep'.''

The 'Never Really Over' singer admitted she is a bit of a ''California hippy''.

She said: ''That's very true for my life now. It's kind of representative of the last five years of how I live and the type of things I seek.

''I guess that would be alternative hippy methods and California hippy esoteric new age style where you're just trying to look inwards before going out.''

When she comes to the UK, Katy loves to indulge in her favourite prawn cocktail crisps, and thinks the fishy flavour would solve a lot of problems if it was marketed in America.

She said: ''They don't have a prawn cocktail flavour in America. Here's the thing, if they had prawn cocktail Lay's in America and sold them regularly I think all peace would be found. I think there's some perfect solutions to this.''