Singer Katy Perry is looking forward to the end of her current tour so she can resume drinking booze and bingeing on junk food.
The I Kissed a Girl hitmaker is taking her California Dreams trek seriously and has cut out alcohol and coffee, embarking on a strict dietary regime to ensure her voice is in top form on stage.
Perry has been craving wine and is adamant she will revert back to her wild ways when the tour wraps up later this year (11).
She tells Britain's Daily Star, "I'm pretty boring on the road because I save it all for the stage, so I'm on a strict vitamin diet. But when the tour is over I'm going to be a devil and hit a wild streak. I'll be face down in the porcelain (toilet).
"I can't eat spicy food or dairy because they're bad for your voice. I can't even do coffee. So you'll find me staring at the white wine in the fridge backstage."