Katy Perry has taken ''a long time'' to find her voice and ''strength''.

The 34-year-old singer paid tribute to fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg at the annual DVF Awards at the Brooklyn Museum in New York on Thursday (11.04.19) and revealed the impact the star has had on her life.

She told Entertainment Tonight: ''That's been my journey, to find my voice. How ironic is it that I'm a singer and I already have one part of my voice?

''But it's taken me a long time to find strength in my day to day life... Standing up for myself and feeling like I'm enough, feeling safe, all those things I've had to work on.

''So, I like to be in the company of women who have found their voice.''

The singer - who was recognised for her philanthropic work and support for LGBTQ causes with the Inspiration Award at the ceremony - also spoke of her admiration for von Furstenberg.

She added: ''I always admired her from afar but being able to really know her has really cemented [my] admiration and the respect I have for her...

''She's persevered and been resilient and she's really what I wanna grow up to be.''

Meanwhile, it was recently reported that Katy and her fiance Orlando Bloom are ''slowly planning their wedding'' after getting engaged earlier this year.

A source said: ''They're slowly planning their wedding but they don't have a date yet. Their past weddings were, of course, very different. They are trying to find a middle ground now ...

''Orlando always shied away from anything flashy. He doesn't want a huge, celebrity wedding. But they also have many friends that are important to them. They are still figuring out the details. Katy will work with a planner.''