Katy Perry feels there is ''nothing to hide behind'' after having her hair cut short.

The 'Dark Horse' hitmaker had her long locks chopped off and changed to a pixie cut and says it has changed what kind of make up she goes for.

She said: ''The short hair obviously really puts your face at the forefront - there's nothing to hide behind! I focus on clean, beautiful skin, and then a statement eye or a statement lip. I love playing with unexpected colours for my eyes, so the Cool Kat Palette is a favourite at the moment. And with the weather getting warmer, especially here in South America where I'm on tour, Katy Kat Gloss is such a cheerful way to dress up your smile.''

And the 33-year-old singer loves how make up can ''transform and empower''.

She added to PeopleStyle: ''I love make up's power to transform and empower. It could be a day look gloss that you glam up with some glitter to go out. It's a little whisper of a lash to put new curtains on the windows to your soul. There's something for everyone in this collection, and it allows anyone to be anything!''

Meanwhile, Katy previously opened up about wearing eyelash extensions, admitting she feels like ''Bambi'' when she puts them on.

She explained: ''I'm Katy Perry onstage. At home I'm Katheryn Hudson. I've created this cartoon look when performing, but offstage I don't always have three hours to put it together. That's when I'm just about lashes, shaping my brows, and more natural skin. I use CoverGirl mascara, and I like lash extensions too - they make you feel like Bambi.

''My signature scent now is, and always has been, a blend of vanillas. And I never spray it on my skin. I spritz and walk through - or levitate through. I like to spray it on my hair too. With 'Mad Potion', the two main ingredients are exotic vanillas and androgynous musks. It's definitely a sweeter perfume. I like to be edible. I want somebody to ... eat me.''