Katy Perry says Englishmen are her type.

The 34-year-old singer was married to English comedian Russell Brand from 2010 to 2012 and got engaged to his fellow countryman Orlando Bloom earlier this year and Katy has admitted that she prefers Englishmen.

She told Jamie Theakston and Ellie Taylor on Heart Breakfast: ''You know I obviously have a type, I like English gentlemen. I think I like English gentlemen because there's something that kind of sarcastic dark sense of humour and I like that they sound really eloquent and there's more history in the UK than there is in America. They sound like they've got tradition. Actually they have more tradition and I like that. There's tea time. We don't really have many traditions here in America.''

Katy also revealed that she hopes her wedding to Orlando Bloom will take place soon, saying: ''I mean tick tock, I hope sooner than later'' but would only answer ''can't say'' when asked if they will wed in the UK.

And 'Small Talk' singer Katy revealed she would love to live in England but appeared to hint that Brexit has put a stop to it.

She said: ''Yeah I mean it was a back-up plan for a minute and then you know [whistles]. So I guess we're going to the Netherlands.''

Meanwhile, Orlando, 42, who was previously married to Miranda Kerry, recently said they're not rushing into getting married because they want to focus on creating ''a feeling of trust and safety'' before they officially commit to their marriage.

He explained: ''[We] are doing all the work necessary to lay a really grounded foundation to our relationship. To be honest, that's part of the job, right? You have to do the ground work together, create a feeling of trust and safety so that you can spend time apart and do everything that you need to do, and still feel tethered to that person, so that you can go on a journey together.''

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