Katy Perry wants to see Orlando Bloom ''as much as possible'' now they've rekindled their romance.

The 'Chained To The Rhythm' singer and the 41-year-old actor are believed to gotten their romance back on track after having split last year, and it has now been claimed that they are determined to make things work this time around by spending as much time as they can with one another despite their busy schedules.

A source said: ''They both agreed that one of the main reasons for their last split was the pressures of constantly being in the public eye and not taking the time alone to just be together.

''Katy wants to make sure they are seeing each other as much as possible despite both having busy careers, so she meets with Orlando wherever he is working and she expects the same from him. They have an understanding now of each other and what will make this work.''

The couple have been making frequent overseas getaways in recent weeks - with the 33-year-old singer even jetting to England to see her beau the day before she performed a concert in Amsterdam - and it is believed their ''secret jaunts'' have helped keep their romance alive.

The insider added: ''Their secret jaunts to faraway places have brought them closer than ever. They get a chance to feel 'normal' and see what a real future together could be. Their trip to London for his play was just another step in rebuilding what they had before, but in a closer, more mature way. Katy loved Orlando's work and then she and Orlando spent the evening together alone after the play before she left.''

Sources even claim the pair have ''a stronger sense of trust and appreciation for each other.''

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', the source said: ''Some of their friends think the breakup only improved what they once had and they do truly seem happier in their relationship than ever before. They know each other's patterns and the communication between them has improved, so their relationship is thriving.

''They are happier than they've ever been and feel in time they will be ready to be more public about their love for one another and can plan for a future.''