Katy Perry speaks to her mother-in-law every day.

The 'Firework' singer - who married Russell Brand in India last month - has struck up a close relationship with the funnyman's mother Barbara and even thinks she would take her side if the couple were to have an argument.

Katy told Now magazine: "Barbara has seen Russell in his darkest days, so she knows better than anyone how much he's changed.

"He's a devoted husband but if he Steps out of line she and I are really close so she might even take my side."

Katy also revealed her new husband - a keen supporter of London-based soccer team West Ham - wants them to have a huge family.

She explained: "He wants 11 boys named after the West Ham team."

The 'Get Him to the Greek' star has previously admitted he doesn't want his wife and mother to get on too well because he doesn't want them to gang up on him.

He said: "Katy was lovely when she met my mum. She came round my mum's house. She's dead nice and normal, a down-to-earth easy going sort of person. She's really, really sweet and easy to be around and she was lovely with my mum, they get on well. But you don't want them getting too much of an alliance going though do you? You want to keep people baffled and confused, you don't want them coming down on you."