When she released 'Part of Me' earlier this year, Katy Perry was busily insisting that the lyrical content of the song wasn't an exact reflection of her troubled times spent with Russell Brand. Now, with the release of 'Wide Awake,' she seems to be doing exactly the opposite. Despite being jam-packed with platitudes and vague emotions, Perry insists that this time, she's really playing out her own experience in her lyrics.
Talking about the new video, the singer told MTV "It's kind of like the labyrinth of my life in the last two years." The video itself is certainly reminiscent of the David Bowie film, Labyrinth, with a real fantasy feel to it and classic Katy Perry cartoon-ish elements. She continued "I just wanted to tell a story about myself kind of going through this journey, maybe sometimes trying to get out of the maze. There's good parts, there's bad parts, and the whole time there's the younger version of me leading me through."
Katy didn't specifically refer to Russell Brand when she was talking about the content of the song but it's hardly any secret that the split from her former husband late last year must have been the biggest emotional upheaval for her in recent months. "Of course," said Perry, "there's been a lot of things that went on last year that I had to get through and overcome and obstacles that I had to, you know, go through. I think what kept me going is just, like, the purity of my belief in music and my love for music."