Katy Perry has debuted the video for her latest single 'Wide Awake' - which is partly being used to promote her 3-D movie 'Part of Me' - and fans of the singer have already begun speculation as to the meaning of the clip.
As has been widely reported, Perry has had a rough year after divorcing from her husband Russell Brand. Though the video carries a fantastical whimsical theme, it contains one scene in which she emerges from the darkness to be met by Prince Charming - whom she promptly smacks in the face. Predictably, fans of the pop star have already begun speculating that Perry is trying to send a message to husband Brand, whom she will officially divorce next month. Speaking to MTV News, the singer admitted the song and video are autobiographical, saying, "It's kind of like the labyrinth of my life in the last two years.I just wanted to tell a story about myself kind of going through this journey, maybe sometimes trying to get out of the maze. There's good parts, there's bad parts, and the whole time there's the younger version of me leading me through".
It was reported earlier this month that Brand had attempting to have his scenes from 'Part of Me' cut, following the breakdown of the couple's marriage. Fans will discover which scenes made it into the final edit, when the film hits theatres on July 5, 2012.