Pop star Katy Perry is urging fans to pray for her so she can beat a nasty bout of influenza in time for her European tour dates, which start on Sunday (22Feb09).
The I Kissed A Girl hitmaker left her sick bed in London on Wednesday (18Feb09) to attend the Brit Awards - and now she's really suffering.
In a posting on her website, Perry admits her hotel room "smells like death" and she's doing everything she can to get well for her upcoming dates.
She writes, "I cant tell you how bad I feel right now. Last night I was sweatin' it out... I have the doctor on speed dial if the fever gets over 101/102.
"I thought I was invincible and then my body decides to show me otherwise. Im stuck in bed for the next couple of days as I should be... Im gonna go back to sweatsville and try and sleep it off some more... I gotta get better; Im starting (a) tour on Sunday here (in London)... so say a little prayer if you think of it."