Pop star Katy Perry has become entangled in a haircare deal gone wrong as bosses of a British firm attempt to brush off an oral agreement over an extension to a two-year contract.

Officials at the Jemella Group have filed a motion to block Perry's legal team from suing them for pulling out of an alleged agreement to continue working with the singer, who signed on to front the company's 'Good Hair Day' (Ghd) ads in 2011.

Perry's representatives claim the haircare company bigwigs still owe her $2 million (£1.25 million), based on an oral deal to extend her contract - but they want to cut ties with the pop singer because they don't think she's popular enough to front the campaign.

The singer's rep tells Tmz.com, "Jemella's attempt to embarrass Ms. Perry by including defamatory statements about her in a public filing is shameful."