Katy Perry 's latest video has been released on YouTube. Whilst she may well have written the track 'Part of Me' long before she split with her former husband Russell Brand, the pop singer is going to have trouble shaking off the suggestion that the video makes a few sly references to their relationship breakup.
The video starts with Katy sat at the wheel of a car, listening to a girl on the radio, talking about her relationship and saying "he says that one day he wants to have kids with me and he hates travelling and being away from me." One of the reasons that was rumored for Katy and Russell splitting up was the amount of time that they spent apart due to their busy schedules, which suggests that the short speech was included in the video by way of a dig at the British comedian. Katy plays the role of a jilted lover, who catches her boyfriend cheating, cuts off her hair and joins the US Marines. Although there was never any serious suggestion in the press that Russell cheated on her, the video certainly sends out a strong message to Brand (i.e. that she can cope perfectly well without him in her life), as she's shown in combat gear, going through military training, with the repeated refrain "this is the part of me / you're never, ever gonna take away from me."NME.com="">