French model Baptiste Giabiconi has admitted he has a ''big crush'' on Katy Perry but claims they are not dating.

The pair have been rumoured to be in a relationship after they were spotted together in Paris, France, in March but although the 22-year-old hunk thinks Katy ''smart, sexy and beautiful'' he is adamant they are just friends because he is too busy for love at the moment.

He said: ''Katy is smart, sexy, beautiful and talented - and she understands me. I have always had a big crush on her ... But Katy and I are just good friends. I'm single. My main focus now is to finish my album. I'm in rehearsals and working daily, so there is no room to have a relationship at this time.''

Baptiste met Katy at Paris Fashion Week and they have struck up a close Bond, and the catwalk star has revealed he and the 27-year-old singer have lots in Common.

He added to LOOK magazine: ''We talk a lot about music and fashion, because we both live for the two. Katy's very religious like me and was raised to be very respectful and loving of other people. She's one of the nicest people I've met.''

Baptiste's Friendship with Katy has come just several weeks after she separated from her husband Russell Brand in December.

When asked if there is any his friendship with the 'Part of Me' hitmaker could develop into romance the Gallic heartthrob said: ''Never say never!''