British pop star Katy B has vowed to quit crowdsurfing at her gigs because she is sick of male fans groping her.

The Crying for No Reason hitmaker enjoys getting up close and personal with the audience during live performances by jumping into the crowd mid-song.

However, she was horrified to discover some men in the audience were taking advantage of the situation, and she has now told rock magazine NME that she has stopped stage-diving to avoid being groped.

The magazine's editors published an article earlier this month (Aug14) about female fans being sexually assaulted at concerts, and the story prompted a slew of responses, including one from Katy B.

Journalist Leonie Cooper writes, "Turns out w**kers like all sorts of music. Even artists got in touch with us, with Katy B echoing recent comments made by Iggy Azalea, telling us she was now too scared to go crowdsurfing because of roaming hands."