Funnyman Katt Williams has blasted cops for quizzing him in a shopping centre car park last week (04Dec09), branding the incident "a witch hunt".
Initial reports suggested Williams and members of his entourage were involved in an incident with another "crew" outside a Walmart store in Newnan, Georgia, during which a shotgun was pulled.
Two people were arrested while Williams was questioned at the scene, and investigators have since revealed the drama occurred after an argument over a woman.
Williams has now spoken out about the incident, insisting cops damaged thousands of dollars worth of equipment in his trailer at the car park.
He tells U.S. show Action News 2, "This guy's saying he's her boyfriend and he's brought his family with him. Now one of them has a holster and a pocket full of bullets and a pistol. So I tell them, 'Let's step outside.'
"Once they get me outside and there's six of them and one of me. Then all of a sudden, they calling (sic) the sheriff to tell the sheriff I got guns and I'm the problem."
And the star, who was last month (Nov09) arrested and accused of breaking into music mogul Barry Hankerson's Georgia home, is adamant he is being "persecuted" by police.
He adds, "This is a witch hunt, it's getting to the point where I feel like I'm being persecuted because this don't (sic) make no sense. You can't act like I'm a troublemaker, I been (sic) here for two months, I ain't been to a club yet."
Williams posted $40,000 (£25,000) bail in relation to the burglary allegations and has denied reports he stole jewellery and collectible coins from his friend's rural mansion.