The funnyman hit headlines again when he engaged in a nasty altercation with 17-year-old Luke Walsh, and in videos of the fight that surfaced online, Williams appeared to punch the teen before he was wrestled to the ground and choked. The fight was eventually broken up.

And now, Williams and Walsh have been charged with disorderly conduct, and a Hall County judge issued arrest warrants for both men shortly after the charges were filed, according to

In addition, Williams has been handed an additional charge of bond violation, as he allegedly used foul language in front of minors during the fight.

The violation stems from his conditional bond earlier this month (Mar16), when he allegedly assaulted one of his bodyguards.

According to Atlanta news station WSB, police officials say that Williams has agreed to turn himself in.

As for Walsh, he was also charged with disorderly conduct.

Williams has been at the centre of numerous legal spats recently - he is also accused of holding five women at gunpoint after they reportedly tried to film a meeting with him. He also stands accused of punching an employee at a pool supply store.

The 42-year-old is also due to stand trial for a felony count of robbery after allegedly stealing a camera from a photographer in Beverly Hills in 2014. The comedian faces seven years behind bars if convicted.