British glamour model Katie Price is set to lodge a formal complaint with the UK press watchdog after a magazine mocked her disabled son. U.K. celebrity magazine Heat was criticised for producing a sticker of the star's severely disabled five-year-old child Harvey, given away free with the magazine earlier this week (begs 26Nov07) - showing the child's face with the slogan, "Harvey Wants To Eat Me." Now Price, better known as Jordan, intends to raise the issue with the Press Complaints Commission (PCC). Harvey Price - whose father is soccer star Dwight York - suffers from septo-optic dysplasia, a rare condition which means he is visually impaired and suffers from hormonal deficiencies. The magazine's sticker appears also to be a breach of the PCC Code, which states the press must avoid "prejudicial or perjorative reference" to "any physical or mental disability". However, Mark Frith, editor of Heat magazine, has since apologised to Price, insisting "no offence was intended, but if any was caused we would like to apologise". He added he would be writing a letter to Katie Price and her husband, singer Peter Andre, to repeat the sentiment personally.