Katie Price introduced Kieran Hayler to her mother as a gay friend.

The couple recently got married for the second time last month after being in the Bahamas for their first ceremony in January, and the part-time stripper has revealed his new bride was worried her mother would think he was only interested in her money.

Speaking to The Sun on Sunday newspaper, he revealed: ''Kate was afraid to tell her mum Amy about me at first because she would understandably have been sceptical and worried about my motives.

''So, she had to introduce me as being gay. Amy still asked me to sign a confidentiality form but I understand that.

''I also didn't have a problem signing a pre-nup agreement at the wedding. I pride myself on having my own money and that's how it will always be.''

The 34-year-old former glamour model agreed with him and insisted she doesn't get the feeling he's after her fortune.

She added: ''I don't feel a vibe that he is out to scrounge off me. If we go to the cinema, he pays.

''He even goes to do a supermarket shop without asking me for money.''

Katie also revealed she understands why people might ''criticise'' her as she begins married life with her third husband, but claimed she just loves ''companionship''.

She said: ''People are always so quick to criticise me and I can see where they are coming from. As an an outsider looking in, I would probably say the same things - bloody hell, she moves on quick.

''But even if I try to be single it never happens. Why? Because take away the limelight and what I really love is companionship.

''Deep down, I'm a boring recluse ... I'm so relaxed with him that I even fart in front of him. I've never done that in front of a man before.''