Katie Price's estranged husband Kieran Hayler has been forced to bid farewell to his flock of sheep.

The pair decided to go their separate ways after Kieran admitted having a year-long affair with their childrens' nanny and not only has Kieran lost Katie but he will now have to go without his sheep too.

Taking to Instagram, he captioned a picture of the flock: ''So sad to see my flock of sheep go but they have served me well over the past 3 years producing lamb and keeping the fields looking healthy. Mud and lack of grass this spring has made it difficult so had to sell them. I am sure they will be enjoyed now by their new owners. Great experience and loved learning about them as an animal.''

Kieran hasn't had much luck with animals in the past after injuring himself last year whilst horseriding. He had to undergo a knee operation but has since returned to the sport.

And in 2017, Katie and Kieran's youngest daughter Bunny was ''trodden on'' by a horse at their house.

Katie - who owns over 200 animals, including four goats, four dogs, three pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs, two Sphynx cats and her five beloved horses - shared: ''With my kids they'll be on the worktops and we stand back and go 'one, two, three,' and they jump to you. The kids just climb over everything, and when people come over I just go, 'They're fine, don't worry about it.' My kids are in the mud, in everything, around the animals, they just don't know any different. Mind you Bunny did get trodden on last Sunday by a horse, and she did cry but then she was over it. We got her foot out of the boot, it was a bit red but we moved her toes and she was alright.''