Reality Tv star Katie Price is urging former soccer ace Dwight Yorke to play a role in their disabled son Harvey's life after accusing him of abandoning the boy.

Ex-model Price gave birth to Harvey in 2002 after he was conceived during her romance with Yorke, but doctors later discovered the lad is blind and suffers from a form of autism.

Yorke has had only a minimal part in his son's upbringing but Price is now urging him to play a bigger role as she fears the ex-Manchester United star is simply afraid to confront the reality of Harvey's condition.

In her new memoir, serialised in U.K. newspaper The Sun, she writes, "(After Harvey was born) Dwight wouldn't even admit that he was the father until we took a Dna test that proved he was. He spoke to Harvey on his tenth birthday because my mum had phoned his manager to say he should. I think Dwight was gobsmacked when Harvey said to him, 'So, when am I seeing you?'

"I ended up arranging to meet at a restaurant in Manchester in November 2012. It wasn't a friendly meeting and I didn't hear from Dwight afterwards. It's such a shame. All I can say is that he is missing out on a very special little boy.

"Personally, I think he is scared of seeing Harvey because he doesn't know how to deal with him. But the door is always open to Dwight and his family, so long as they realise that it would have to be a regular commitment. Dwight should try. He would get so much love in return."