Katie Price says she won't start dating again until she meets a man who ticks all the right boxes.

The TV star split from Argentinean model Leandro Penna earlier this year and despite recently being romantically linked to rugby player Danny Cipriani the blonde is adamant she is having some man-free time and putting all her energy into work until she meets Mr. Right.

She told Irish TV show 'Xpose': "I am single. I am very much single, I have been for four months and I'm happy about that. I'm not looking for anyone, I'm going to enjoy it for now and if I do meet anyone they have a heck of a lot of boxes to tick this time.

"I work, work, work all the time, I'm always so busy and when I stop working I get ill, I get colds and stuff."

Katie - who has three children, Harvey, nine, Junior, six, and Princess Tiaamii, four from previous relationships - has previously admitted she does miss the companionship of a boyfriend, but said her best friend Michelle Heaton is currently living with her and is keeping her company.

When asked if she was scared of being on her own, she replied: "I'm not frightened, because I've got so many friends around me and family and I'm so busy. But you know at night time, when you watch TV and stuff, you want that bit of companionship, so at the moment I've got Michelle Heaton, my best friend who is pregnant, and her husband Hugh (Hanley) at mine because they're waiting to move into their new house so it's great. They're always cooking for me. So I'm just talking about baby stuff with her at the moment."