Katie Price has vowed to give up alcohol for a whole year.

During her appearance on 'Loose Women' on Wednesday (21.12.16), the 38-year-old star announced she is going to stop boozing once 2017 begins and she plans to not drink another drop until the end of the next 12 months.

Katie has made her decision following reports she stripped off to just a thong and knee-high leather boots in the toilets of business EnergySave's Christmas party which she was paid £13,000 to appear at and also ranted at guests while handing out the company's end-of-year prizes with her ex-boyfriend Dane Bowers.

Busty beauty Katie, 38, had already promised to have a 'dry January' during a prior appearance on the programme, but has now decided to go teetotal for the whole of 2017 after accepting booze ''doesn't agree'' with her.

The mother-of-five - who is married to Kieran Hayler - said: ''When I drink I am a nightmare, though I don't mean to be. Lately there have been stories that I'm a rowdy drunk, you guys know me I'm actually quite normal, but I've thought, 'You know what? It just doesn't agree with me.' because I'm small it affects me and I never know that one more is too much, it's took me 38 years to realise. Anyway next year you know I said I'd do a dry January but I'm actually not going to drink for the whole year. This is for you out there to challenge me on.

''When I was pregnant I did it, so what difference does it make? It's one year out of my life to be healthy and just try and see what it's like.''

Katie also admitted she doesn't really drink much but finds herself reaching for the champagne when she's out because it helps her relax in social situations.

She explained: ''Sometimes I drink, not just cause it's there, but because it's [a social lubricant], I don't drink at home. When I go out it takes two glasses of champagne [to get me drunk] but then I stay out because I'm catching up with everyone so it affects me. But I'm not a rowdy drunk, I'm not even naughty. I'm going top do it for a whole year and prove you all wrong.''

Following the reports of Katie's behaviour at the £100,000 EnergySave festive bash company boss Jason Rowan - who has claimed she made lewd comments to his wife and swore in front of his 16-year-old daughter - wants the £13,000 fee he paid her and 37-year-old Dane's company for them to appear.