Katie Price has brought in a paranormal investigator after being spooked inside her Sussex home.

The 39-year-old former glamour model has called on the help of professional ghosthunter Lee Roberts - known for his appearances on American TV show 'Ghost Attacks' - to equip her with the tools and knowledge to fend off any spirits trapped inside her mansion, which the 'Loose Women' panellist has claimed to have seen in shadow form.

Lee told The Sun Online: ''Katie is very much into ghost-hunting and the paranormal and we have been messaging for a couple of months on Twitter. So we just wanted to explore it a little more.

''I've just been showing her the ropes.

''It was not so much an investigation [at her house] - it was a look at the experiments we would conduct, what equipment we could use.

''She's had in the past things that were moving - the family has seen shadows...

''[I was] showing her how to use the equipment.

''We were using it to see if it was picking up anything - she's had bits and bobs [of paranormal activity] over the years.''

Lee plans on helping Katie - who has kids Harvey, 15, Junior, 12, Princess, 10, Jett, four, and Bunny, three, from various relationships - by taking her to some of the most haunted spots in the country to help her with future supernatural experiences.

He said: ''We are going to be working together a bit more...

''Going to other locations so she gets an experience - and goes to a few more haunted locations.

''[We might go to] Nottingham Castle, Sherwood Forest, bring her up this end.

''There are also lots of places we can go and explore near where she lives.''

Katie claimed previously that she had old people haunting her home, and that she was told by a psychic that they were drawn in by her presence.

She recalled: ''I had a house that had memories. It was amazing but I couldn't understand why it had been up for sale for two years and no one had bought it.

''So I bought it and I had so many ghostly experiences there that I ended up having mediums come round and they told me what happened.

''I ended up finding out it had been built on a nursing home which had been knocked down.

''The orangery where the swimming pool was I found out was where they put the bodies and stuff.

''So many things happened there, with water and other stuff.

''Most of my houses are haunted. When I've had mediums rounds they say it's me. I have an aura around me.''