Katie Price has agreed to unveil her new bald kitten on live television on Friday (23.12.16).

The 38-year-old former glamour model can't wait to show the nation her new Sphynx cat - a hairless breed of feline developed through selective breeding - called Dobbi when he joins her on the 'Loose Women' panel at the end of this week.

Speaking on the lunchtime show on Wednesday (21.12.16), the busty beauty said: ''I've got over 200 animals. We live on a farm. My latest animal is my Sphynx cat. I love them! I am an animal lover and anyone with an allergy, they're great. They're so intelligent - they're not like normal cats - they're like dogs, they come when they're called. I love them because they're not like normal cats.''

Katie admits her hairless pussycat can look a little ''odd'' and she admits she has to put clothing on it to keep it warm, but she recommends the furless feline as a family pet because they're very intelligent and loyal.

The mother-of-five said: ''They do look odd but they're very affectionate, they're good with the kids and they're very intelligent. They're bald. It has got clothes because they get cold. Instead of me having another baby, I've got another baby. I'm going to bring it in on Friday and I'll show you.''

Katie - who also has five dogs, horses, chickens, pigs and rabbits to name a few of the creatures that make up her menagerie - first introduced her unusual moggie to the world earlier this week in an Instagram post.

Alongside a photograph of her stroking her grey pussycat, she wrote: ''Loving my new baby.''

And, although the kitten has only just joined the family, he's already settled in well with her five children Harvey, 14, Junior, 11, Princess, nine, Jett, three, and Bunny, two, and husband Kieran Hayler.

And it seems like Katie has a thing for animals without fur at the moment as she recently adopted two Skinny Pigs and a near-hairless Guinea Pig.