Katie Price wants to make a movie about her life.

The 41-year-old former glamour model narrowly avoided bankruptcy on Tuesday (07.08.18) after her team submitted proposals on her behalf for an individual voluntary agreement (IVA) meaning she has 12 weeks to prove she can clear her debts.

And it looks like Katie - who was known as being one of the savviest businesswomen in the modelling and TV industry - is planning to sell the rights to her life story, including her disastrous marriages, so that she can scramble some cash together.

A source told The Sun Online: ''Katie always says that her life has more ups and downs than most movie plots. She thinks that people would be queuing up to see a film about her life. It's go everything - heartbreak, betrayal, near death experiences.

''Recently, she's asked her team to shop around the idea of selling the rights to her books and the story of her life in the hope that she can get a big payday in exchange.

''Katie wants to have a say in who plays her - and who plays her ex-husbands.''

This isn't the first time Katie has expressed her desire to appear on the big screen.

She said in 2014: ''I can't wait [to make a film]. Every year I say I'll do it when I think things are going normal - then another drama comes along.

''I might as well do it in a few years' time because there's bound to be more dramas.''

The extent of Katie's money woes came to light last month when the publication reported that she had fallen £100,000 in mortgage arrears on her West Sussex mansion after her minimal income failed to cover the £10,000 a month repayments.

It's believed the television star - who has kids Harvey, 16, Junior, 13, Princess, 11, Bunny, four, and Jett, five, from three different relationships - spent her entire £45 million fortune on cosmetic surgery, spontaneous holidays and a £1million farm.

She's since been forced to sell her farm animals to help claw back some of the money.