Katie Price wants to buy a pub.

The 'My Crazy Life' star - who is currently in £2.1 million of debt - is desperate to run her own boozer and is even considering moving abroad in order to fulfil her life-long dream.

A source told The Sun Online: ''Katie's been emailing friends in the hospitality business and asking them if they've heard of any small countryside pubs that are selling up. Katie has always fancied herself as a bit of a landlady. She pictures herself working behind the bar as the kids play in the beer garden.

''Going all the way back to when she was married to Pete [Andre, who she divorced in 2009], Katie's always had the dream of buying a restaurant or wine bar to open - there was talk of her and Pete opening somewhere in Cyprus for a while.

''She'd have to hire people to run it, but she would love a place to entertain her family and friends. If the right location and venue she'd jump at it. She'd even consider somewhere abroad, a bar in Spain in an area popular with tourists, to trade on her name.

''At the end of the day, she's a businesswoman and she knows what makes money.''

However, it might be a while before the 41-year-old glamour model will be able to buy the perfect establishment as she's having to pay creditors £12,000 a month in order to clear the debts she's racked up over the years due to partying, surgery and lavish holidays.

Despite the financial mess she's in, Katie - who has children; Harvey, 17, Junior, 14, Princess, 12, Jett, five, and Bunny, four, with three different men - is convinced she'll be a millionaire again by the end of the year as she's ''self-made.''

An insider said recently: ''She's self-made and thinks she'll be a millionaire again by Christmas. She's a hard worker and wants to be back to her former glory.''