Katie Price thinks she still looks like she's 30.

The former glamour model is set to celebrate her 40th birthday in May and while she's relishing the prospect of passing the landmark age, Katie believes she looks a lot younger than she actually is.

The curvaceous star - who has kids Harvey, 15, Junior, 12, Princess, 10, Jett, four, and Bunny, three - explained: ''I can't wait [to turn 40]. It's a massive birthday and it's a massive celebration. Also, I might be turning 40, but I look 30!

''I want a week's worth of celebrations and a trip to Vegas.''

Famously, Katie has undergone a number of different procedures over the years, including having breast implants, in order to achieve her perfect look.

But the British star has rubbished speculation that she's spent as much as £500,000 on altering her appearance.

Asked about the rumours, Katie told OK! Magazine: ''Half a million pounds? No way.''

Last year, Katie revealed that her son Junior admonished her for having had too much cosmetic surgery.

In a chat about the growing numbers of young women seeking out surgery, the TV star shared: ''Everything that I've had done to my face is not permanent. But Junior said to me the other day, 'Mum, you are so beautiful, why did you have to have it done?' And I'm like, 'I haven't had that much Junior!'

''He went, 'Mum, your eyebrows are fake, you've got fake eyelashes on, you've had your lips done, you've had your nose done and your teeth and now you've put these things in your face - why?!' And I didn't have a comeback because he's actually right!''