Katie Price thinks it's ''sad'' her ex-boyfriend Danny Cipriani is making news for being hit by a bus rather than his career.

The sexy star briefly dated the rugby player in 2011 and although she is happy he was not seriously injured when he ran in front of double-decker in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, last week, she thinks he needs to put an end to his antics.

Writing in her column for The Sun newspaper, she said: ''Danny Cipriani is an ex-boyfriend of mine so I was interested to read about his brush with a bus. I'm glad he's recovering but how sad that he's spending so much time on the front page of newspapers rather than the back page.

''He had so much talent and was seen as the next Jonny Wilkinson. But no one was talking about Danny going on the British Lions tour.''

The 34-year-old star - who is expecting her fourth child with new husband Kieran Hayler - recently engaged in a war of words with Danny's girlfriend Kelly Brook, branding the 'Celebrity Juice' star a ''heffer'' and mocking her weight in February.

Outspoken Katie also had choice words for 'Love on Top' singer Beyonce for reportedly banning cameras from her sell-out 'Mrs. Carter Show' world tour, which is currently travelling across the UK.

She stated: ''Beyonce is a bit crazy right now. She looks amazing in any shot taken of her and if fans have paid good money to see her, why shouldn't they have their own memento of the occasion?

''Telling fans to stop snapping will make them do it all the more. Employ someone with some common sense, Mrs. Carter, or soon you'll start to be seen as too much of a Queen Bee.''