Katie Price suspected Kieran Hayler had been cheating on her ''for weeks''.

The glamour model launched into a foul-mouthed Twitter tirade yesterday (07.05.14) when she stumbled across her husband allegedly having a ''full blown sexual affair'' with her ''homewrecker s**t'' friend Jane Pountney, claiming it had been going on for seven months.

However, it seems Katie - who has only just discovered she is six months pregnant with her fifth child, her second with Kieran after baby Jett was born last August - had suspected her husband of 16 months was being unfaithful for a while and was stunned when her worries were confirmed.

A friend told The Sun newspaper: ''Katie was concerned the spark seemed to have gone and had her suspicions something was going on. But when she confronted Kieran he always told her that

''Over the last few months Kieran was making snide comments about how she doesn't make an effort. He was moaning how she could be rude and coarse with him. It was obvious that the honeymoon period was over.

''She never believed Kieran would actually go through with anything. But the evidence started to build up.''

Following the explosive outburst, during which Katie also branded her best pal Jane - who she has known since she was 15 - a ''clone'' and a ''w***e'', the feisty star issued a more pragmatic statement on her website, confirming she intended to divorce part-time stripper Kieran as soon as possible.

But Jane's husband Derrick had a different opinion after the foursome met for crisis talks yesterday afternoon at the Pountneys' home near Horsham, West Sussex, insisting Katie - formerly known as Jordan - and Jane had cleared the air and the infidelity was simply a ''storm in a teacup''.

He said in a statement: ''There has not been a 'full blown' affair going on, it was more like a drunken kiss. There were tears shed here today.

''But Katie and Jane talked, they have been friends a long time and they are OK now. A lot of this drama has been a storm in a teacup and there are a lot of misunderstandings to sort out.

''This 'affair' has not really happened like it has been portrayed. I've known about it for about four weeks myself. All four of us are good friends, but things between Kieran and Jane just went a bit far.''