Katie Price has been told to ''hang her head in shame'' for wearing a coat made from raccoons.

The 39-year-old former glamour model - who owns over 200 animals, including four goats, four dogs, three pigs, bunnies, guinea pigs, two Sphynx cats and her four beloved horses - has come under fire after she was spotted in a Furs By Natalia jacket, lined with either fox, rabbit and lamb and complete with a ruff made from raccoon fur over the snowy weekend in the UK.

One fan, who goes by the handle cinders51, said: ''Unfortunately and sadly I see this is not faux fur. I think this is by far the worst thing you have ever done or publicly and proudly promoted. You claim to love animals and yet you are a part of the reason innocent animals are slaughtered for their fur and cruely at that. I mean you even named your daughter bunny!! Hang your head. (sic)''

Another, who uses the handle marielee.73, branded the 'Loose Women' panellist ''two-faced'' and urged her to watch footage of animals being skinned alive for the purpose of fashion.

She explained: ''There is no reason to wear real fur no more. Katie price you have exceeded your self. For someone who shows her care for animals on her land and for the animals around. You are disgusting two-faced person. How can you wear fur around your jacket from a tortured animals. Go home and watch a video and see how they die for your jacket. (sic)''

While mrskatygray is convinced Katie would do ''anything for a bit of publicity even if it's a dead animal wrapped around her plastic face'' and thinks she should be ''ashamed of herself.''

She said: ''I'm really sad that you choose to wear real fur... especially since you bang on constantly about how much you love your animals.

''Assuming you don't pay for all of these items, they're gifted to you in the agreement that you'll post a picture of your wearing them. Shame on you. Anything for a bit of publicity and a freebie eh?! Even if it's a dead animal wrapped around your plastic face (sic)''

The backlash comes just days after Katie posted an advert selling her two rare Sphinxes - a hairless breed of feline developed through selective breeding - for £1,300 each on Instagram.

Taking to her account on Tuesday (05.12.17), Katie uploaded a photograph of the unusual pets sitting together with their diamante collars around their necks.

She accompanied it with the caption: ''Hey unfortunately I'm having to sell my cats and find good home £1300 each they are boys and been spade our dogs just don't like them for serious enquiries contact fran@thesocialpr.co.uk (sic).''

BANG Showbiz has reached out to the animal rights organisation PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - and Katie's agent for comment.