Katie Price is ''shaken up'' after having chewing gum thrown on her as she travelled on a train.

The 38-year-old star has taken to Twitter to try and identify a group of people who she claims threw gum and ''verbally abused'' other rail users.

Reaching out to her followers for some answers, she wrote: ''Do you know this man women behind an their child? Verbally abused people throwing things throwing chewing gum at me on the train, so bad (sic).''

Katie - who has five children Harvey, 14, Junior, 11, Princess, nine, Jett, three, and Bunny, two, from three different relationships - enjoys using Twitter to share details about her day with her followers and recently took to the site to reveal she had undergone laser eye surgery.

Sharing a video of herself in sunglasses whilst on a train home, she wrote: ''My eyes streaming can't see and have to wear dark glasses but will be worth it ! Such easy procedure (sic)''

Her comments come just weeks after she claimed she wouldn't be having any more operations following her 11th boob job.

She said at the time: ''That's it now, I don't need any more surgery unless anyone thinks I can improve something. But no there's no babies, no surgery. I'm back to the old Katie Price again, on a mission to do my thing.''

However, Katie previously expressed her desire to adopt a child.

She said: ''I've always said I want to adopt a child, I've got five of my own and I'm still going to continue to have my own. I just think it's the right time for me now to adopt a child, I want to adopt from abroad as well ...

''I would like a newborn, because I've got my kids. If I had an adopted child, that was say five, and that child had problems - behavioural problems not disabilities - then I don't want it to affect my other kids.''