Katie Price is delighted her baby son sleeps through the night.

The former glamour model credits administering a dream feed - where the tot is woken to be fed while sleepy in the late evening - to four-month-old Jett every night with him being so ''good'' and not waking in the early hours of the morning.

Katie - who is married to Kieran Hayler - tweeted: ''Jett such good baby sleeps all night just fed him and his asleep again bless, to all you new parents the dream feed soo works xx

''its a feed you basically give them while sleeping to fill them up to sleep through night

''Jett sleeps in a caccoon, when he is asleep I take him out feed him put him back(so feeds half sleep) it sooo works x if he didn't have it he would wake up early (sic)''

And the 35-year-old beauty - who also has children Harvey, 11, Junior, eight, and Princess, six, from previous relationships - also thinks establishing a consistent bedtime routine is important for her kids.

She said: ''I bath Jett everynight without fail feed him put him down then around 10 I give him another feed

''its routine, im obsessed with baths lol my friends laugh as I'm always in the bath and bath my kids everynight. it soo works also the heating in my house makes him sleepy lol...makes us all sleepy (sic)''.

As with her other children, Katie is bottle feeding Jett as she thinks it is easier to see how much milk he is taking in than she could if he breastfed.

She explained: ''I didn't breast feed any although I could of! bf is soo good for baby's but for me I like bottle feeding so I know what there drinking,as my friends bf and always on the boob (sic)''

While she is enjoying undisturbed sleep at the moment, Katie doesn't expect it to last.

She wrote: ''he will be teething next then I'm sure he won't sleep through haha (sic)''