Katie Price's youngest children poop next to each other in the garden.

The 38-year-old former glamour model has admitted she's ''very open'' with her kids so has no worries when Jett, three, and Bunny, two, race outside together in the mornings to do their business sat side-by-side one another on their potties.

Speaking on 'Loose Women' on Friday (28.04.17), she said: ''I'm potty training mine at the moment and it's like having twins because one's two and one's three and it's quite funny. I'm quite open with my kids so they go in the garden and do a wee and poo.''

Although the blonde beauty thinks it's sweet that Jett and Bunny, whom she has with her husband Kieran Hayler, like to take their potty breaks together, she's run into a problem as Bunny is convinced she has a willy - just like Jett - and tries to urinate standing up.

She explained: ''They think it's funny to watch each other have a poo because Bunny hasn't got a willy basically so she stands there as if she has a willy and watches Jett and gets her trousers wet. It's difficult to train them because say you're in the car and they wet themselves then that's hard.''

Katie also has 14-year-old son Harvey - who has septo-optic dysplasia, Prader-Willi syndrome and autism - with retired soccer player Dwight Yorke and Junior, 11, and Princess, nine, with her ex-husband Peter Andre, and has admitted she's become more relaxed as a parent the more children she's had and has turned more ''feral.''

She said: ''When you hear, 'Oh she doesn't baby proof her house.' With your first, you buy the baby gates, you even buy the smelly bins to put the nappies in - I mean you buy everything but when you've had five you learn that even when you tell them not to touch something, they're going to touch it. So, now, you can say I'm feral because I live in the country, they go out without wellies or no pants, they get on the muck heap. The amount of times Jett's gone into stinging nettles and it hurts ... Obviously I hide away the bleach and stuff like that but I don't need stair gates because I've got really thick, fluffy, carpets so they just bounce off it.''

However, not everyone agrees with Katie's parenting style and her friend Michelle Heaton - who has Faith, five, and Aaron, three, with her partner Hugh Hanley - has told her numerous times to be a bit more strict on what her kids are eating.

She said: ''My friend Michelle, Michelle Heaton, she came to mine and she's quite health conscious so she gives her kids like a lolly a week or something but within an hour they'd have like four lollies and she's like, 'What have you done to my kids?' because they've got a drawer where they know they can go and get it out.''