Katie Price has been left shocked and heartbroken after one of her horses was killed in a car accident.

The model and reality star - who has always loved horse riding and even has her own equestrian clothing range - shared her devastation on social media after one of her beloved pets escaped from its field and was hit by a car on the A24 in West Sussex on Monday night (20.11.17).

Katie posted a picture of the wrecked car on Instagram, ad wrote: ''We are extremely upset to find out one of our horses was killed last night being hit by a car ...

''Thank god the driver of this car was very lucky and escaped and wish him well, police were amazing and so was the local community and thank them all ! Our friends other 4 horses thank god are alive with a couple of them injured and are still being treated by the vet and will be ok!(sic)''

The event has reignited the trauma the 39-year-old horse-lover suffered in 2011, when two stallions ran into the road and smashed into the vehicle she was being driven in by then boyfriend Leandro Penna in Argentina. Katie suffered severe whiplash and narrowly escaped death.

Her Instagram post continued: ''We are in shock still and reminds me again of the time in Argentina when I was involved in a horrific car accident when the car I was in killed two horses that died in my arms (sic)''

It is the latest in a string of upsets for Katie, whose mother Amy, 64, has recently been diagnosed with a terminal lung illness, while her husband Kieran Hayler has been accused of cheating yet again.