Katie Price's ex-fiance Leandro Penna claims he was not behind a vicious twitter attack on her.

The 27-year-old Argentine model - who walked out on the 34-year-old glamour model last month because she was driving him ''insane'' - said he is not responsible for the string of nasty messages that appeared on his timeline earlier today (10.11.12) and his account was hacked by a friend.

The messages included: ''@MissKatiePrice doesn't have 'sex toys', she has lots of boy toys that only want to f*** her. She will always be unhappy.''

Posting a denial on his account, he wrote: ''The messages to @misskatieprice were not me, someone had my phone.''

The startling messages - which have since been deleted - also alluded to the real reasons behind the demise of their two-year relationship last month and suggested Leandro is extremely bitter despite previously insisting he dumped Katie because she was ''crazy''.

The posts included: ''I tried to end it in five different occasions and it was hard to see her cry and begging me to stay so I kept trying.''

Other messages suggested he felt Katie didn't appreciate him.

''Until I thought about me, and realised she has never appreciated anything I have done for her. It's a new beginning and I am very happy. I am concentrating in my career.''

Last month, Leandro insisted he would never reunite with the twice divorced mother-of-three. He said: ''That's it, there's no going back. Katie is totally crazy. What started beautifully in February last year has now come to an end.''

His harsh comments were in stark contrast to Katie's original statement in which she said they had amicably parted ways after struggling to maintain their often long-distance relationship and wished him the best for the future.