Katie Price's baby had to stay in hospital for three weeks after she gave birth.

The 36-year-old star has revealed for the first time that her and husband Kieran Hayler's daughter Bunny, who was born six weeks premature, had to stay at the medical establishment because she was suffering breathing problems.

She said: ''I remember going back to the room and then they brought the baby in. Then I was on the end of the bed and the nurse and Kieran were there and the nurse was going, 'Come on then,' with the baby.

''And then she told me the baby was having difficulty breathing, and I could sense something was wrong.

''The baby had changed colour a bit. Then they took her up to the neonatal ward and she was on oxygen to help her breathe in an incubator.

''They kept her in hospital for three weeks before she could come home.

''They wanted to monitor her breathing.''

The couple - who also have 13-month-old son Jett together, while Katie has kids Harvey, 12, Junior, nine, and Princess, seven, from previous relationships - spent as much time as possible at Bunny's bedside, but made sure they still went home to care for the other members of their brood.

She added: ''We'd be there all day, and we'd do her feeds.

''But then the hospital do the six o'clock feed and we'd go home to feed the other children.''

Katie also had to spend nine nights in hospital herself following the premature birth but admits she didn't find it tough because Kieran - who previously cheated on her with her good friends Jane Pountney and Chrissy Thomas - was by her side the whole time.

She said: ''No one knows until now that I spent that long in hospital and that the baby was in there for three weeks.

''I think everyone assumed I'd gone straight home.''

While Katie and Kieran have been able to take Bunny back to their home now, Katie admitted the little one is still experiencing breathing problems - which is common in premature babies - and she was left panicked when the little one struggled to catch her breath recently.

She added to OK! magazine: ''She had a few problems breathing the other day - I think a lot of babies have it.

''It happened on bank holiday Monday. Kieran was in the gym and I ran to get him, but then luckily she started breathing better again.

''It was horrible. Even if I'd called 999 it might not have been soon enough.

''When she's feeding she does this thing where she holds her breath, and that panics me, but I think anyone with a newborn panics like that.''

Read the full story in this week's OK! Magazine - www.ok.co.uk - out today (16.09.14).